1st Day of School: JITTERS! [TIPS]

Everyone has been super nervous about the first day of school at one point or another.
You start thinking about how new classes will be, who will be there and what to wear… Not only do you think about that but also buying the right school supplies!

But no worries! Here’s 5 easy tips to ease your first day of school jitters!

Remind yourself why you’re there.
A lot of the times, we worry about the friends we will have (which is important also) but remind yourself why you’re there. School is about learning new things and educating yourself. Don’t lose sight of that!

Dress-up the way YOU like!
Look good, feel good! You gain more confidence this way, as well as attracting friends who may have similar interests and likes. 

Buy the essentials.
Buy a notebook, folder, pens/pencils to get you going for the first day of school. Usually the first day you are given the detailed list of what you will actually use through the school year. Also this way backpacks aren’t filled with things you may not need.

Get a good night’s sleep!
You don’t want to walk into school half asleep. You will be less attentive and aware of what is going on around you. But if you have good rest, you are able to absorb all information given to you on the first day!

First impressions are always important. Not only is this important with friends but also your teachers.This may leave a lasting impression for you this year!

There’s nothing to worry about! Experiencing new things are always an adventure and always fun. Everyone is probably feeling the same way too… Make the best out of your first day!


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